2012 Ghana Trip

Pastor Pat's Ghana Trip Postings and Updates:

Update 11/17/2012 - On Friday, November 9 we dedicated the new school block sponsored by St. Paul's. The village is so proud and sends their gratitude. We also presented the school supplies to the village. We also visited the villages of Vakpo Fhu and Vakpo Tidzi. They were happy to see us. As of today, all hospital, school supplies and clinic supplies have been delivered to very grateful and happy recipients.


Update 11/9/2012 - Things are going great in Ghana. We have sorted all of your contributions and will be making deliveries n the days to comes. Yesterday, Thursday, November 8, we delivered a suitcase of tooth paste, tooth brushes and other items to Dora Memorial School. Today, Friday, November 9 we attended the dedication of the Kindergarten block at Wegbe-Kpalime. It is so beautiful and the village and the children are so proud. Thanks for you continued prayers.



Update 11/8//2012 - Our 5 Ghana missioners arrived Tuesday safely at Accra, noon local time,
after a nearly uneventful flight of nearly 10 hours. Severe turbulence caused the plane to drop several times. We arrived a little tired but non the worse for ware.

Due to the generosity of our supporters we were able to bring with us over 400 pounds of school and health care supplies. On Wednesday we sorted and organized the donated items and as a result we will be able to serve four schools in: Wegbe-Kplime, Kpando, Vokpo-Fhu, and Vakpo-Todzi. We will also be able to to serve the Dora Memorial School with health and hygine supplies.

We will be providing children's medications and pre-natal care supplies to the Woman's Clinic in Ho.. Medical supplies are heading to the local hospital and medications will be supplied to the local clinic and pharmacy. We are tired from our journey, but the warm welcome from our hosts, and the anticipation of serving the people of Ghana give us renewal for work ahead.

Update 11/6//2012 -Pastor Pat's flight landed safely in Ghana and all is well! Praise be to God

Update 10/29/2012 - Due to extreme weather conditions the flight has been cancelled until 11/5/2012. Consequently we have extended our trip on the other end to November 20. I will be in church on Sunday and on duty the rest of the week

Update 10/28/2012 - Due to tropical storm Sandy, the flight has been cancelled for 10/29 - rescheduled for Tuesday 10/30/2012 at 3:00 PM.

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