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(Since I, as a pastor, work outside of a parish setting, I have a 4-way covenant. Those four parties are St. Paul’s UCC—where my local church membership is held—Covenant Association—the geographic Association where St. Paul’s is located—Pennsylvania Southeast Conference—the body that called me—and myself. In my covenant with St. Paul’s, I covenant to preach every now and then (at the request of the pastor ) and submit articles. Since Pastor Pat isn’t feeling the best, I thought I would help him out by writing an article this month. Rev. Sharon Morris) 


Reverend Sharon Morris
Associate Conference Minister

The first Sunday in October is always designated as “World Communion Sunday”. It is this Sunday that all Christians gather around the Lord’s Table to partake of the gifts of God in remembrance of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

The Sacrament of Communion was a very important ritual in the early church. When the followers of Jesus’ time would gather around the Lord’s table, the person sitting across the table from them might be a former enemy, a Roman soldier. The people that they broke bread with might be the very people who had oppressed them. Jews and Gentiles, hated adversaries, now joined together, holding hands and saying to each other, “The peace of Christ be with you.” Those who lived in this turbulent time in history would have said that this kind of community was impossible! But remember the words of Jesus, “What is impossible for mortals is possible for God,” and the early Christians experienced this every Sunday morning.

Then they would leave the table and go out into the world where they worked and lived. And now and then they would put into practice the things that they had experienced in the church and people would look at them and think that they were very strange, but they got the attention! People could not keep their eyes off of these strange acting people. They were the children of God, children of a new age that God was instituting, skaters in the world that were skating a different pattern in life than those around them. These children of God were confident that one day all of the world would lift up their arms and begin to dance over the ice to the same song and rhythm of God’s kingdom.

It is the same today. We are called to gather as God’s people each week; to gather around the Lord’s Table with people we might never associate with otherwise, but because of God’s love through Jesus Christ they are now our sisters and brothers. And we are also called to leave the church and go out into the world treating everyone we meet as our brothers and sisters. As Christians we should be causing a lot of attention by our actions. As the song says, “they will know we are Christians by our love!”

Let us come together as brothers and sisters around the Lord’s Table and covenant together to be a force of love in a world that is often filled with negativity. Let us be an instrument of love as God has intended.

God’s blessings,

Pastor Sharon  


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