Committees of the Church

Board of Christian Education - This group provides overall leadership for the educational ministry of the children and youth at St. Paul's. If you like children and if you like to teach, then here is a great opportunity to use your gifts to the glory of God.

Finance/Budget Committee - Financing concerns and budget preparation are the responsibilities of this committee. The group provides guidance for the church's financial health. We are always looking for gifted people who are generous in their giving and concerned about the financial health of the church.

Hospitality/Evangelism Committee - This committee provides sponsors for new members, helps plan fellowship-building activities, works on publicity for church events, educates the congregation in welcoming visitors and new members, and encourages all church members to engage in the task of sharing the good news. If you like to laugh and if you are an extrovert, this is the committee for you! Policy and Personnel Committee - This committee is responsible for securing and recommending personnel, nurturing and supporting church staff, and recommending salary and benefit figures in the budget-planning process. If you are a people person who enjoys interacting with the church staff, then perhaps Policy and Personnel is a committee for you.

Property Committee - This group ensures that the church property is well maintained and takes primary responsibility for any building projects and improvements. This committee is a perfect fit for the handyperson who enjoys working with his/her hands and working with others as a team.

Stewardship Committee - This group helps members recognize and utilize their talents and gifts. Members raise money to support the church's mission; they also educate the congregation about the Christian meaning of stewardship. The Lord loves a faithful giver! If you are one, let one of the pastors know!

Worship Committee - The Worship Committee does exactly what their name implies; they work closely with the pastors to organize meaningful worship services throughout the church year.

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