The mission of the Women's Guild is to embrace and welcome every member of our congregation - who is automatically a member of the Guild. . We will strive to impress this on our members. Our President makes every effort to distribute a welcome letter to recent confirmands, those entering our membership by way of the new members class, or transfers from other churches.

The purpose of our Women's Guild is three fold:

1. to promote a Christian atmosphere when we come together thus becoming better acquainted one with another.

2. to conduct activities that will generate monies for the benefit of the Church (general fund or specific usage).

3. to make every effort to include programs of timely interest and to include a variety of activities to suit the multi-generational makeup of our membership. 

Presently, our core events listed chronologically include: 

  • Church directory - LifeTouch portrait scheduling
  • Sponsoring of the publication The Upper Room in January
  • Sponsoring a Church-Time Coffee fellowship in February 
  • W.I.C. Project at Mother's Day
  • Mother's and Father's Day Recognition (co-sponsored with Christian Board of Education)
  • Annual Clothing Rummage Sale
  • Annual Christmas Bazaar
  • Tissue Challenge for Phoebe Berks
  • Operation Santa for Phoebe Allentown
  • Christmas Goodies Bag and Card Shower for our shut-ins 
  • The Christmas Tea

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